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Arraignment.  During your first court date, called an Arraignment, you will be given the choice of pleading Guilty or Not Guilty.   Always plead NOT GUILTY.  Even if you think you did something wrong, admitting guilt at this stage will not help you at all.

Nature of the Charge.  As with any criminal charge, you always start by looking at the specific language of the statute your are accused of violating.  The Prosecutor always retains the burden of proving that you are guilty.  Can they?  Let's go through your police reports together and see whether or not the Prosecutor has enough to work with.

Witnesses.  Are there any witnesses to the event?  If so, write down their names and contact information while it's still fresh in your mind.  Label the list "Confidential - For my Attorney only" and get it to your attorney right away.  Witnesses can also become important if the alleged victim (or other witnesses for that matter) later makes statements that contradict things they said about the event earlier.

Self Defense.  Washington State has a strong tradition of allowing people to defend themselves and their property.  If a Jury finds that you were acting in defense of yourself then it is a complete defense to the charge.  The biggest issue in Self Defense is whether or not your actions were "reasonable."

Final Resolution. Having a case dismissed or having a Jury come back with a Not Guilty finding is clearly a win but what can we do in the case where a defendant has done something wrong?  Often times, we can get the case resolved with an agreement to plead guilty to a less serious offense or an agreement that keeps a domestic violence conviction off your record.  The key with this type of charge is to keep your mind open to different possibilities. 

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